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Italian Fine is the showcase of Italian food and wine tradition and products in the world, born to realize the dream of letting you know and bring to your tables all the taste and quality of the Italian food and wine tradition.

Our food producers are working everyday with love for their territory, making the products of the italian food and wine tradition.
Italian traditional and modern cuisine is known all around the world not only for its taste and for the quality of its raw materials, with traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Italy has always been synonymous with art, creativity and culture. A varied country, full of many facets: from the works of art to the many dialects that distinguish the heterogeneity of the populations of the peninsula up to the culinary varieties, always to be discovered thanks to the exclusive typicality of Italian food and wine products. Italian culture can be savored, it can be eaten. Not only: italian cuisine is an essential means of knowing the depths of the Italian territory, from North to South.

The project brings together very small, small and medium-sized enterprises that are custodians of products of excellence in the Italian food and wine scene, with the aim of providing the necessary support to promote their specificities throughout all the United Kingdom.

Pasta, Tomato, Preserves, Honey, Oil, Wine(#),….and much more

Best Products

We are pleased to select the best products of the italian food and wine tradition

Selected Producers

We choose the experts and the protagonists of italian food and wine excellence and put them on display

Italian Food Tradition

We suggest recipes, food and wine tours, ancient rituals and new trends

Healthy Lifestyle

We are very attentive in healthy lifestile. For this reason we select only products and producers with a real link with their territory